Nem túl elegáns megoldással blokkolja az Apple a Mac Studio bővíthetőségét kép

Apple prevents Mac Studio expansion with a sloppy solution

However, there is no physical barrier to introducing a larger solid-state drive into the new Mac Studio.

Apple has brought another very expensive machine to its fans, and it does Mac Studio has really cool featuresMany have a good chance They did not welcome his arrival.

As you would expect, the content producers have already dealt with the device, the interior of which revealed many interesting details. For example, due to lack of soldering, it is possible to replace the mass storage with another SSD, but this does not mean that the novelty of the apple team can be expanded.

A YouTuber, Luke Miani, did an interesting test. After deleting its contents, he took the SSD from Mac Studio and then reassembled it into another Mac Studio slot, two of which are in this form anyway. On the other hand, the machine indicated that something was wrong, because during the detection of storage, the Apple software simply blocked the boot. The lesson is that the company intentionally introduced this restriction.

According to an official statement from Apple, users will not be able to access the SSD, and the lack of a physical barrier will likely help simply Apple specialists fix the work. This is because they may be able to circumvent software limitations against field users. Of course, we can also infer from this solution that Apple may offer its own expansion bid in the future. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise, the company played a similar role on the Mac Pro.

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