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Apple has finally revealed its AI strategy and announced a partnership with OpenAI

Apple has finally revealed its AI strategy and announced a partnership with OpenAI

Apple on Monday held its WWDC developer conference, where it showed off, among other things, how artificial intelligence is being used in software for the iPhone, Mac, and other products. The company was the last of the big tech companies to not have an overall AI strategy, so this announcement was particularly significant, but there were also a number of innovations introduced – Axios reports.

Apple calls its AI “Apple Intelligence,” and at the developer conference it was mainly emphasized that data protection is also a focus. Craig Federighi, vice president of software development at the company, said they ensure user data is protected even when it is necessary to use the cloud. The company provides this with a proprietary cloud-based solution that relies on servers running on Apple chips without Apple or others being able to store the data.

In terms of new features, Apple is using AI to improve things like Siri. The company will also use artificial intelligence to organize and summarize messages within letters. Apple and other developers can also define specific actions that their apps can perform, laying the foundation for a more powerful Siri. In one example, developers demonstrated that they could ask Siri “when is their parents’ plane landing,” drawing on the system’s diverse knowledge across multiple apps.

There's a new AI-powered focus mode that selectively displays potentially important notifications while silencing most of them. It will be possible to create images and even custom icons, which have been called genmoji. A tool similar to Google's Magic Eraser will make retouching easier, and AI will also make searching through images easier. Users can already experience Apple Intelligence in the summer, which, according to the company, will be expanded with additional functionality next year.

As previously reported, Apple has also announced a partnership with OpenAI. The company's users get free access to ChatGPT without having to create an account, and those who subscribe to OpenAI's paid service can access a wide range of features. For particularly difficult queries, Siri will ask users whether they want an answer from ChatGPT or whether they'll settle for Apple's system.

Apple also announced an update to the software that powers Vision Pro, and also introduced iOS18 for iPhones, which will, among other things, allow applications and widgets to be placed outside of the traditional grid arrangement. Scheduling messages, inserting emoticons, and adding text effects have also become more personal. It turns out that the company will finally support the RCS standard, which will allow for easier sharing of photos and videos with Android devices, and not just with Apple's own devices.

The company now also allows users to send their messages via the satellite system when cellular connectivity is not available.

The software used for Apple's laptops and computers has also been updated, with MacOS Sequoia now allowing users to control their iPhones from their Macs and receive notifications from the phone when it's not within reach. The Sequoia is also getting a new standalone password app that can be shared with other devices like the iPhone and iPad. Safari now uses machine learning to highlight websites the user likes.

The next version of iOS, designed specifically for Apple's tablets, will get a remote control and a calculator app that can solve handwritten equations, which is also available in the Notes app. Notes will also get enhanced handwriting features, such as the ability to mimic the handwriting style of previously pasted notes, flattening handwritten text and making it more readable.

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Finally, the updated software that powers the Apple Watch, WatchOS, will also get new features, including language translation, pregnancy tracking, and keeping in touch with friends during potentially risky situations, like an evening run.

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