Apple decided to take an extraordinary step

Apple decided to take an extraordinary step

According to Apple’s plans, the release of the new software for the iPad will be delayed until October, which means that iPadOS will not be released alongside iOS 16 in September, as is usually the case, he writes: Bloomberg.

However, the company has developed a new multitasking feature for iPad users which gives users a Mac-like multitasking experience. The late release of iPadOS 16 is said in part due to the introduction of a new feature called Stage Manager, as Apple is still working on bug fixes in the operating system for new iPads.

Stage Manager only appears on the M1 iPad Pro and iPad Air models, and is not available on older iPads, which is understandable not all users are happy with.

Apple claims that it’s not possible to offer an acceptable multitasking experience on older iPads, so they’d prefer not to release it. Since Apple brought iPadOS out as its operating system in 2019, iPadOS versions have been largely associated with iOS versions, and the current chip represents an unusual transformation. The introduction of iPadOS 16 in October means the software release date will be closer to the new iPads. Apple is said to be developing an iPad Pro, a device with a new M2 chip, and an entry-level iPad with a USB-C port. The presentation of both devices can be expected at the end of this year.

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