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Anyone who yelled at a Destiny 2 developer during the stream will be permanently banned

Anyone who yelled at a Destiny 2 developer during the stream will be permanently banned

Bungie is punishing Destiny 2 players who made offensive comments to the developer during a Twitch stream with a permanent ban.

23.03.2024 – Bungie has taken a hit with some Destiny 2 players. Several accounts have been permanently banned by the development team in the past few days, who will never be able to play Destiny 2 again, at least with their previous Steam account, He will even lose his progress. This is what happens to anyone who participates in the official Bungie Twitch stream and makes offensive comments!

What happened?

A few days ago, a Bungie developer was playing Destiny 2 live, when his Steam username popped up. Anyway, the purpose of the Twitch stream was to introduce the upcoming free Into The Light update, which will be released on April 9. However, the developer received countless derogatory, insulting, and toxic comments from Steam users during the live stream. Of course, your toxic comment went to Twitch as well.

The answer has come

Not long after On Reddit It turns out that Bungie was quick to respond and crack down on toxic Destiny players who were going in a slightly different direction.

Developers have imposed a ban on malicious Steam accounts with a permanent Destiny 2 ban.

The decision was shared on the game's official Reddit page, where they made clear how much they condemn this style of harassment by the developers.

bySh/Bakhir From the discussion

Many players seem to be happy with this reaction and ban. So goes anyone who thinks it's okay to send offensive comments to a developer. They have now been permanently banned, and all progress has been lost. By the way, this isn't the first time Bungie developers have faced a toxic community. Back in July 2023, Bungie won a lawsuit against a Destiny 2 player accused of sending numerous threats and racial slurs to a social media contributor. Due to incidents like this, the Destiny 2 team no longer talks to fans, and only allows comments on the website.

Of course, it is possible to argue that the decision of Bungie developers is justified or not, but it certainly may deter those who want to do something similar in the future. It will be interesting to see how this kind of response affects the attitude of other development teams. Do you think the final ban was justified?

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