Any half hour waking up to Elon Musk's life is like an episode of The Office these days

Any half hour waking up to Elon Musk’s life is like an episode of The Office these days

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk took control of Twitter, and since then half the world has been watching what the world’s richest man does with the company he bought for $44 billion. You can’t say he’s bored: he fired half of the programmers, announced that there might be bankruptcy here, changed the system of verified users many times, talked to a lot of famous people, encouraged his vote for American Republicans, and kept saying that Canaan is free speech. It’s worked so much that Twitter’s traffic is growing, but not to the extent that advertisers are turning away from the platform.

(We’ve written about it in more detail here, here, or here.)

But the really interesting and useful thing is how Musk handles the little things. Of course, the little things he spends his time on, as an owner and CEO, who is also a corporate director at Tesla and SpaceX, means his time is literally very expensive. In light of this, let’s take a look at the latest little story from yesterday.

  • musk Tweet it outthat the Twitter app is unfortunately very slow because it “performs over 1000 bad paying RPCs” to aggregate the feed
  • A lot of professionals bring to your attention the fact that this is really rubbish, and it makes no sense in the world
  • one among others Eric Fronhofer He is also a programmer who has been working on the Twitter app for Android for six years
  • Musk for this he asks againSo why is Twitter slow on Android and how much RPC, whatever it is
  • Frohnhoefer in a long series of tweets Explain itthat Twitter doesn’t use RPC at all, which is causing the slowness anyway
  • Musk announced Frohnhoefer’s firing, then deleted it after commentators questioned how consistent it was with his utter tyranny of free speech. tweet
  • On the other hand, the programmer EmphasizesHe’s already kicked out
  • Musk after that Announcesto stop a bunch of bits of Twitter code that were junk anyway and slowed down the system
  • Twitter uses two-factor authentication NoticeThey can’t get into the system because the part of the software that sends the verification code is also turned off
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So what is this episode if not a full episode of The Office?

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