Anti-Semitic remarks categorized as a linguistic joke by the editor-in-chief of Al-Fasher

Anti-Semitic remarks categorized as a linguistic joke by the editor-in-chief of Al-Fasher

The editor-in-chief of Index shared a message containing profanity and Jews with his crew in 2005. Email of Peter Ogh is now posted by Pest Guys. Then the current editor-in-chief of asked his crew to deal with the fact that the radio was forced to take a three-hour break due to an obscene song. The Pest Guys now asked Peter Uj if Jews were a common practice in Index. According to the former editor, it is very common for him to tell a joke of anti-Semitic rhetoric, he told M1 News.

Index wrote that Forbidden Radio was again shut down for three hours, due to a decision by the previous media body led by MSZP, the National Board of Radio and Television, in 2005. According to the anonymous article author, this marks the beginning of the era of censorship in Hungary.

The audio materials, for which the radio has been penalized, largely contain parts that cannot be played during the day to protect minors.

In his writings published in the culture section of the liberal portal However, Flash’s head, Miklos Parks, whom he called a performer, has released the swear-lyrics group “Funky Actor” as the song.

Pest Guys has now received correspondence that has resulted in the article in question. The email with the monogram “UP” comes from’s current editor-in-chief, Peter Yuj, who once led

According to the Pest Guys

Perhaps Péter Uj was outraged by ORTT’s “harsh” decision, so he strongly recommended his subordinates for the reaction of the punk squad leader, ORTT Leaders, which included terms like Judo or Kok Jew.

The rest of the letter is so obscene that we do not quote it. According to the portal, based on all this, the question arises as to whether Judaism is usually in the Index editorial office, which was previously headed by Peter Yuj.

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The Pest Guys contacted Peter Uge over the phone, who claimed that if anyone knows his work as a journalist and his worldview, they know who he is. He added: He tends to joke and make fun of many things.

Two years after Peter Aug’s speech on the Jews, Niépce Abadsag published a treatise in Niépce Abadsag about how terrible a place in Hungary was, full of anti-Semites, who prefer Jews as their hobby.

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