Anti-education strike could start in September in Australia ‘Standard’

The International Commission on Public Education (CPFE) is calling on all teachers, school staff, students and families to oppose the campaign to reopen schools in Sydney and other parts of Australia, as more and more people get sick due to the delta variant.

a WSWS It can be found on the news page Communication Socialist Equality Party founded by The movement wrote that “the lives and well-being of teachers and students should not be sacrificed on the altar of company profits,” which would force students to return to the office in the middle of the school year and parents not do their work from home.

The Commission is proposing that workplace safety committees be set up in all schools to discuss the broadest possible discussion about conditions for safe work and decide what action should be taken against the government’s intention to reopen.

The committee urges school staff, students, and parents to prepare for a strike to prevent them from starting education in unsafe conditions.

Despite the immediate anger and resistance within the working class to the initial steps to halt distance learning, the government appears to be persevering in its determination to replace online education with on-the-go education despite high infection rates.

Hundreds of active cases should not delay Australia’s plan to reopen and lift restrictions – He said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison a guardianWhich encourages people to look beyond everyday case numbers.

After recording 830 new cases and three deaths in New South Wales on Sunday, Morrison dismissed claims that case numbers were too high for Australia to move to the next stage of the plan agreed by state leaders, said Doherty, who is investigating the pandemic. The Modeling Institute results have not changed.

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This was despite the fact that one of the developers of Doherty Modeling, Professor James McCaw a Guardian Australia I recently mentioned that the number of cases is too high to let go of restrictions, even if the vaccination rate has reached 70%.

(WSWS, guardian)

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