However, they would not change the anthem, they practically abandoned the game

Anthem director leaves BioWare

We’ve also reported that after months of believing, EA has announced that it won’t be putting out a long-run game, and worthy of vital supplies from Anthem – and not long after, project manager Jonathan Warner announced that he saw it was time. To leave the game once the legendary game development studio. As the professionals used to be, he did not convince the publisher, rather simply declaring that after nearly ten years, he had decided that he wanted to get involved in new things. He also mentioned that he wishes all the remaining good, and added that Dragon Age, Mass Effects, and Star Wars: The Old Republic are all still in good hands.

Warner joined the Canada-based company in 2012, where he was immediately given a very unwanted assignment: He had to design “game as a service” elements in Mass Effect 3. After that, he wasn’t unemployed, he got A smaller or larger role in nearly every project has emerged – or is still alive – since then, but the real big competition has become Anthem, which, unfortunately, fell short of expectations. Warner did not become a junior member of the BioWare fold, having previously overseen games like Cars 2, Toy Story 3, Meet The Robinson, Chicken Little and Dragon Ball Z at the burgeoning Walt Disney Company.

What do we say? Wherever his path is, we want him to have a sense of success more than if he’s been a part of him lately.

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