Another third earthquake rocked New Zealand, thousands evacuated

In less than eight hours, three earthquakes shook New Zealand. This time, values ​​of 8.1 were measured in the Kermadec Islands region. Just where the second earthquake was measured on Thursday. Thousands were evacuated from the area and tsunami warning orders were issued.

as it was yesterday Also written by OrigoOn Friday, two major earthquakes were detected in New Zealand. The first strong earthquake of magnitude 7.3 was detected early in the morning east of New Zealand’s North Island, but the tsunami warning he had ordered at the time had been rescinded. The second earthquake came on the heels of the first in the Kermadec Islands, about a thousand kilometers northeast of New Zealand, just hours later.

Another earthquake rocked the Kermadec Islands on Friday morning.

A line of cars heads to the highest point in the area in Wangar, New ZealandSource: MTI / AP / New Zealand Herald / Mike Dinsdale

A tsunami alert was issued in the area, so thousands were evacuated. Everyone was urged to look for a safe place elevated so as not to catch a tsunami on the beach.

Not only were the locals warned, but many of the surrounding islands were also warned of the dangers of a tsunami. The according to metro Tonga, Fiji, and Hawaii, among other countries, were prepared to face the flood.

A man watches the sea with binoculars from the top of a hill in Wangar, New ZealandSource: MTI / AP / New Zealand Herald / Mike Dinsdale

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