Another Terminal Reality game that’s getting a makeover [VIDEO]

Another Terminal Reality game that’s getting a makeover [VIDEO]

We’ve already seen the revamped versions of Terminal Reality’s first two BloodRayne, and the same publisher, Ziggurat Interactive, was behind them.

Originally developed in 1995 by Terminal Reality (creators of the BloodRayne series, led by former lead developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator) and published by 3D Realms (Duke Nukem), Terminal Velocity has been well received in the terminal press for its fast-paced and exciting gameplay. Because of the action-packed gameplay and modern graphics at that time. Updated for newer platforms, Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition includes smoother gameplay, improved graphics, better frame rate, and improved sound, but they haven’t forgotten about achievements/trophies either.

In the game, you can get into a fully equipped combat machine and fight on nine enemy planets in the galaxy. Set in the distant future, Earth is under siege as enemy fleets from the surrounding systems begin to attack. As the best aircraft in the Ares squadron, players take control of the fastest and most dangerous aircraft ever built. They will be in the majority (and will be outnumbered), so you can only survive their onslaught by fighting.

Unlike most flight simulators, Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition focuses on combat. The low inertia flight mechanics allow players to lean, spin or loop through treacherous paths with ease. The simple control scheme should also be mentioned. In the battle, you will have seven devastating weapons and many power-ups at your disposal to defeat the deadly enemy fighters in the air and on the ground. Feel the power of flight as you soar through the skies, fly through realistic environments, and test your aerial skills as you fly through dozens of underground tunnels and caverns. It’s all about movement, speed and destruction.

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The game will feature a 3D flight with 360-degree action, 360-degree sounds, smoother gameplay, improved graphics, and better sound. With over 40,000 square miles of terrain and dozens of tunnels, you can battle on nine completely unique planets, each with three levels of intense battles and dangerous obstacles. Fierce air-to-air and air-to-ground combat await with the help of the seven devastating weapons and life-saving power-ups (plus enemy crushes).

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition is a first for PC (steam) on March 14, and then, at an unknown date, it will also be released on “consoles”.

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