Another scandalous corruption case was exposed by the European Union Health Commissioner

Another scandalous corruption case was exposed by the European Union Health Commissioner

Another turning point in the EU vaccine scandal: It turns out that Stella Kyriakides, the EU vaccine commissioner who issued a 4 million euro surprise in her family’s account, had previously had a close working relationship with the largest vaccine manufacturers. For example, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca. The Black and White Blog has entered a new sequel Borsonline Books.

Once again, there are unanswered questions in the scandal involving the European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides. For the first time in a black and white video blog, journalist Miklos Umolnar drew attention to the unexpected appearance of 4 million euros at the expense of the Stella Kyriakides family, which many associate with the vaccine contracts concluded by the Health Commissioner at the expense of the European Union.

And now here is another development in the vaccination scandal in the European Union. Black and White Blog found that The European Union Vaccine Commissioner has had close business relationships with the largest vaccine manufacturers for years. For example, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Stella Kyriakides led the Cypriot organization Europa Donna for a long time, then for several years as President of the European Breast Cancer Alliance Europa Donna, which brings together the European Donna Network.

“These organizations are already financially dependent, like restrained dogs, almost exclusively on large vaccine manufacturers.” Financial data for the European Breast Cancer Alliance and Europe Donna, for example, show that they have also received grants of millions of euros in recent years from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson.

Another embarrassing thing has emerged about Stella Kyriakides, the European Union’s health commissionerSource: MTI / EPA / Olivier Hoslet

This can be seen by anyone who takes the trouble of examining the financial data of the European Breast Cancer Alliance led by the Commissioner. From wages to travel expenses to conferences, everything has been paid for by vaccine manufacturers.

This is further evidence that, as part of a “network of interests”, the Vaccine Procurement Commissioner, who previously relied on vaccine manufacturers for existence, has concluded harmful vaccine contracts for European Union citizens that almost exclusively benefit manufacturers. For example, late delivery, all consequences, without penalty.

Why do you listen to Brussels?

4 million euros is charged to the special account, the Commissioner of the European Union, who is existentially dependent on vaccine manufacturers on the one hand, and EU citizens who are increasingly being insulted on the other hand, who are awaiting vaccination

Why is Brussels silent on the rule of law and corruption? Why not release the famous and infamous European Prosecutor’s Office?

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