Another place may appear on the 2021 F1 race calendar instead of disqualified Australia

Despite the fact that vaccination programs have accelerated in more and more places around the world, the coronavirus pandemic will make the problem for global sports regulators even worse this year as F1 insists on keeping a record number of 23 races for this weekend.

After the official cancellation of last week’s Japanese Grand Prix, which joined races in Canada, Singapore and Australia, F1 is working hard to somehow keep the second half of the year together.

However, reports that the date of the Australian Grand Prix on November 21 will definitely be for Qatar, so it could host a Formula 1 race for the first time in the history of the Middle Eastern country.

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Losail International Circuit, which has been opening MotoGP seasons every year since 2004, has one license for Formula 1 races, and the track can even host a night race, MotoGP-style.

Qatar will thus complete its tour of the Middle East at the end of the season for Formula 1, as the dates for Saudi Arabia on December 5 and Abu Dhabi on December 12 appear to be confirmed at the moment.

While local organizers in Mexico and Brazil remain confident in their ability to hold their own race, both countries are still on the red list for the United Kingdom, home of the seven Formula 1 teams (as in Turkey, once off the calendar). , through which pilots and engineers can only travel home with a mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Another complication could be that the Brazilian organisers, who gave up the final spot for the American treble, asked F1 to allow them to run their race a week later than planned on November 14, thus creating a double weekend with Qatar. The solution in this case may be to postpone Qatar for a week and end the season with a triple weekend, but the mentioned red list further complicates matters, as F1 has known so far, timing such countries for a double or triple start. weekend.

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