Another pace came with the opening in Britain

The opening in Britain has reached another pace! Today, all shops can reopen, and even restaurant terraces await guests. The bars barely reached midnight on the clock, they opened immediately, and many celebrated on the street the resumption of life. In the UK, more than 32 million people have already been vaccinated and epidemiological indicators are favorable, clearly due to vaccination. If all goes well within a month, they can loosen the rules even further, revealed in the M1 newsletter.

Bars in the UK opened at zero in the morning Monday at zero. In many places, a true folk festival has developed after restaurants have closed for months. The beer was dried up and despite the cold, the garden rooms were full too. According to dilution, alcoholic beverages are not yet available indoors, but can actually be served outdoors.

During the day, the bars and stands were constantly full. In the evening, most seats can only be accessed by reserving a table.

Crowds flooded the shopping streets of the British capital. Everyone is burned with a fever,

As if on the first day of the opening they wanted to buy everything that was not possible in the recent period. Lines deflected in front of a larger store.

There were places where customers burst into stores, and a race took place in the streets to see who got there first. In many places, due to severe unrest, the number of people entering stores has been limited.

The gyms are also open in the morning and are frequently disinfected as a precaution. There was someone who took the opportunity early in the dawn and went to move. It was not different in the pools either. Many decided to be among the first to spray one.

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They even waited on the street in London to find a hairdresser. The British have not been able to go to beauty salons since early January, the beginning of the complete lockdown. That has now changed.

Hairstylists don’t remember when the last time they worked a lot was.

Visitors countdown at the entrance to the London Zoo in the morning. Many families with young children have already gone there to open their doors, having not had the opportunity to do so in months.

It is possible to travel domestically from Monday, but currently accommodation can only be booked in residential homes and only those who live in the same home can stay together.

Fifteen people can attend weddings and up to thirty at funerals. This regulation affects II. Queen Elizabeth As well as the funeral ceremonies for her husband, Prince Philip, who passed away last FridayWhich is scheduled for Saturday.

So far, 32 million people in the United Kingdom have received their first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine,

The second is approximately seven and a half million. Epidemiological data is constantly improving. Experts say this is now a clear indication of the effects of the vaccination campaign.

A total of seven people died from infection across the country on Sunday; It is the lowest daily death rate since mid-September. The British government expects further easing in mid-May and lifting all precautionary measures on June 21.

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