Another massive and destructive storm is approaching the UK

A storm called Barra is still bound for Ireland and could reach the UK today, with rain, snow and winds of up to 130 km/h expected in the area. Britain’s National Standards Authority has issued a warning about the expected damage from the storm.

Thousands still live without electricity after the devastation of Storm Irwin, which cut power to more than a million households 10 days ago – and Bara may cause more unrest, sky.

There is a red alert in some parts of western and southern Ireland and a yellow alert in England, Wales and Northern Ireland due to expected strong winds.

Yellow warning in southern and western Scotland of snowfall.

Irish police are urging the public to avoid non-essential travel, stay away from coastal areas and pay more attention to their safety if they have to leave their homes.

The storm is expected to hit much of the UK by midnight, with winds gusting in some places as high as 130 km/h.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for assurances that energy companies will take steps to limit Barra’s effects.

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