Another legal wall for Trump: He cannot make the investigation data public

A New York judge has barred Donald Trump and his campaign staff from arbitrarily sharing investigative data against the former president and highlighting only elements in his favor.

So far, Trump has published whatever might be in his favour, but he has avoided making any incriminating statements

On Monday, a New York state court issued a so-called “order of protection” restricting the former president’s use of social media.

Judge Juan Merchan agreed Manhattan prosecutors’ proposal, He stated that the materials and information provided to Trump’s legal team “can only be used to prepare the defence.” This means that facts and evidence revealed during the investigations can be freely used by the defense during the trial, but not on social media and others. Media platforms, you can refer to it.

Likewise, it is forbidden to disclose some details of the investigation without revealing evidence of the infringement.

To date, Trump has been charged with 34 felonies, mostly with falsifying business records

According to the order, anyone with access to evidence provided to the Trump team may not “copy, distribute, or disclose the material without first obtaining court approval.” This decision has set a precedent and binds other press organizations in addition to Trump. , who comes into possession of investigative materials.

If Trump is also taken to court for other crimes (for example, inciting an attack on the Capitol), that court decision limits the scope of information that can be disclosed.

The order also states that Trump can only view certain sensitive information in the presence of his attorneys, and that he is “not authorized to reproduce, photograph, duplicate, or otherwise possess prohibited materials.”

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It should be noted here that on self-managed websites and Fundraising platforms Trump has done so again and again, especially after an FBI search of the private Mar-a-Lago estate found sensitive and classified documents, which the president did not turn over to the National Archives, but kept with him even after his term ended. .

Judge under trap fire

Judge Merchan is now under attack by Trump’s staff because he violated the Constitution Amendment (Bill of Rights) Which guarantees freedom of speech and the press in the United States. However, according to the plaintiffs’ argument, this right does not extend to the publication of confidential procedure statements, nor to their arbitrary interpretation or selection.

The first criminal trial in the Trump criminal case is expected to begin in early December, but until then we can expect more similar legal battles.

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