Another great game immediately appeared on Xbox Game Pass

Another great game immediately appeared on Xbox Game Pass

Mankind is one of the most anticipated IPs for summer 2021, Civilization 6 competition. The exclusive 4x strategy city-building manager game for PC will be released on August 17, and today it is revealed at the same time on Xbox Game Pass for the first time.

Many early critics described anthropomorphism as a highly complex strategy game, and we can confirm this. The game was last reported by the Amplitude Studios team and Denuvo grabbed it a month before its release. The developers justified the decision by saying that the game would perform better without the defense system. Sure, humanity gets a protection system anyway, but it was created by the developers themselves.

Denuvo’s removal was, on some level, a bold decision. In general, publishers and studios do not retaliate, preferring to put the defense system into their games rather than prioritizing the stability of graphics performance. This, of course, is understandable at some level, because publishers just want to protect their revenue. However, in the case of mankind, the fact that Amplitude learned from Capcom’s Denuvós group may also contribute.

There are not many strategy simulators in the Game Pass library yet, the most famous of which are Skylines and Tropico 6, but they cannot be called historically relevant. Although in Tropico it is quite clear which region and historical period inspired the game series. Although Age of Empires IV, released in October, resembles the human race, the latter promises more civilization, nicer graphics, and more complex management than the former. However, the good news is that both upcoming strategy games will be available on Game Pass.

The human race game for PC will be released on August 17, 2021, and will also be available on Game Pass on the same day.

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