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Another fire broke out in the slums of Csíksomlyó

The Agrippress News Agency reported that another fire broke out on Wednesday morning in the slum in Chixomlio, which partially burned down in January.

According to the Harjita County Disaster Management Inspectorate press office, the fire spread to three homes, and firefighters drove to the scene with two cars. There are no victims.

According to the Szé portal, a dead man saw one of the houses affected by the fire, and the coffin had been taken out of the house not long ago.

Attila Corudi, the mayor of Mercuria Seok, said the flames spread to the roofs of three brick dwellings, and Firefighters said that a very hot chimney may have caused the fire.

The three houses are home to 18 people. He pointed out that if the injured families requested it, they could be accommodated in the city’s gymnasium, where temporary shelter was provided for families injured in the January fire.
Fortunately, this current blaze is incomparable to its past Agrippress quoted Attila Corudi as saying.

In the fire that broke out on January 7 in a slum on Somlyó Street in Mercuria Seok, 20 log houses were burned in whole or in part. Then the local government temporarily housed about 260 people in the city gym. Since then, about half of the residents here have returned to the site, but 116 people still live in the gym.

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