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Another far-right faction is likely to form in the European Parliament, and Mi Hazanek has already indicated his intention to join.

Another far-right faction is likely to form in the European Parliament, and Mi Hazanek has already indicated his intention to join.

After the Orbán family, Mi Hazanek could also find her place in the European Parliament. The AfD will be the strongest member of the parliamentary group.

The Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy Party said it will announce, along with other far-right parties, the creation of a new representative group called Europe of Sovereign States in the European Parliament on Wednesday. Politico. Tomio OkamuraThe SPD leader said at a news conference on Tuesday that the AfD would be the strongest force in the group. He did not name the other members.

but Wine Guest for ZsuzsannaThe sole European Parliament spokesperson, Mi Hazánk Mozgalom, confirmed that he would join the group.

Representative of the Social Democratic Party, John David He joined the board of directors, and was previously a member of the Identity and Democracy faction. The AfD was expelled by the Identity Party after the leader of the German party's European Parliament list, Maximilian Krah He spoke of his belief that not all members of the Nazi SS were criminals. At least 23 representatives from seven member states are needed to form a European Parliament group – and it is not yet known whether the new far-right group that wants the union has that.

Group Program

It is also directed against the Green Deal, against immigration, against the Islamization of Europe. We want Brussels' powers to return to the national level.

Okamura said.

Laszlo ToroczkaiMi Hazanek, the head of the AfD, on Wednesday morning, accompanied by a photo next to an airplane, also wrote on X that they would form a new faction in the European Parliament with their allies today in Brussels. “We do not want to negotiate with the enemies of Europe, we do not want to make peace with them, but we want to defeat them,” he added. In an interview with ahead of the elections, Turockay spoke about creating a completely new European faction under the leadership of the AfD.

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The Brussels newspaper reported earlier that the accession of sovereign states to Europe is still under discussion. Milan Oric Representative of Slovakia, 14 MEPs from the Alternative for Germany party, and three representatives from Bulgarian Renaissance, Sarah KnafoReconquest MEP, Lithuanian MEP and some members of the Polish Union Party.

Knafo said a delegation from the AfD had visited him in Paris to try to convince him to join, but he had not yet made a decision. “The AfD is still negotiating and considering different scenarios,” a spokesman for the far-right Polish party said.

A few days ago, on the initiative of Fidesz, the far-right representative group “Patriots for Europe” was launched, which consists of 84 MEPs, making it the third largest faction. As we wrote in our analysis, with its formation, the far-right could become more acceptable in the European Parliament, and this is a success for Viktor Orbán, but the new party family also has its drawbacks.

Fidesz was forced to leave the EPP in 2021. From Orbán’s point of view, this was a particularly disadvantageous situation, and for a long time he did not know what to do with it. In a previous article, we already gathered that the current party family is actually the fourth best solution for him.

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