Another F1 fight may come from them

The classic venue was able to successfully return to the F1 tournament in 2020. In light of this, a spokesperson for the facility has already indicated that they will be ready to hold a race weekend in royal style again.

Talking words are She quoted, “We are ready for discussions with Formula One. Everything else will happen in light of the possible negotiations. Last year’s negotiations went well and we showed that we can get a major prize in a short time.”

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“So far, however, we haven’t heard from the side of the chain. We’re looking forward to what happens next. There is nothing more to be said about this now,” concluded the track representative, who made it clear that they could run on the Nürburgring again.

The only question now is whether there is a need for more popups. China’s performance this year has become increasingly uncertain, but as they insist on 23 races in Formula 1, the East’s participation is not certain even if it nodded.

Imola is already back on the calendar and there is a very good chance that Portimao can also host a racing circus, so there would only be room for the Nürburgring Circus, for example, if more fights were canceled in 2021.

Alonso will have a lot of work to do with the integration

This is what the motorcycle field looks like for this year!

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