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Another diplomatic crisis? The Arab ally of the United States is negotiating with Russian arms manufacturers

Another diplomatic crisis?  The Arab ally of the United States is negotiating with Russian arms manufacturers

Saudi Arabia has invited companies hit by Western sanctions for trade talks.

Saudi Arabia invited seven Russian companies affected by Western sanctions to attend a business meeting reports The Guardian who draws attention to: Saudi Arabia His openness to establishing commercial relations with Russian companies that were approved by Western countries for their role in the invasion of Ukraine,

It may cause further tensions in his already strained relations with Washington.”

Among the companies invited to Riyadh for negotiations were Vertoljoti Rosszii (i.e., Russian Helicopters), manufacturer of the Ka-52 Alligator helicopter; the KamAZ truck manufacturer, whose trucks carry Iskander missiles and Typhoon APCs, transport Russian soldiers; There will also be Rosztyeh, Russia’s state-owned development of weapons systems and military technology, whose name is associated with the TOS-1A Szolncepjok missile launcher and ISDM Zemljegyelije mine launch systems. When the United States imposed sanctions on Rossetti, it described it as “The cornerstone of the defense, industrial, technological and industrial sector of Russia”.

In addition, the Russian state-owned nuclear energy giant Rosatom will attend the hearing.

Which, in addition to Hungary and Turkey, will also be able to start large-scale projects in Saudi Arabia.

According to an anonymous Guardian source, the Russians “Negotiating joint investment for business projects, requesting assistance in maintaining oil and gas prices, and other diplomatic assistance.” We are coming to Riyadh, and the Saudi side will open an investment office in Moscow. One of the oldest allies of the United States in the Middle East – China – has already gone through a similar series of trade negotiations, although the military companies are not there.

And the US State Department commented on the incident to the Guardian newspaper that it “States are encouraged to conduct appropriate background checks and to refrain from transactions with sanctioned persons to avoid exposure to sanctions.”

In the language of flowers, this means that the United States is considering imposing sanctions on Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, US lawmakers in Washington are anxiously watching Saudi Arabia’s moves. For example, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has expressed concern that Saudi Arabia might share sensitive US military information with the Russians, according to California Democratic Representative Ro Khanna, former deputy commerce secretary to Barack Obama. “Saudi Arabia’s support for Russia and its history of human rights violations are two reasons for a fundamental review of the US-Saudi relationship.”

Saudi Investment Minister Khaled Al-Falih sees no objection to Russian-Saudi cooperation, because, according to him, the world has now become multipolar. According to him, cooperation “It can be traced back to a multipolar world, in which emerging middle powers will pursue their own interests.” He also stressed that since his country’s trade with China is already more than its trade with the United States of America and the European Union combined, “Shouldn’t we expect to risk this just to make a certain country feel like we’re on their side?” The Guardian quoted Al-Falih.

Editorial photo: MTI/EPA/Press service of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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