Another Chinese online store located in America

In America, online stores offering endless amounts of cheap (and usually unnecessary) stuff like AliExpress and Wish have become serious competitors, since download lists have been led by a new platform called Temu since last November. Temu is also Chinese, PDD Holdings is behind it, and it is also behind one of the most popular Chinese online stores, Pinduoduo, he writes. CNN.

If someone has ever shopped at one of the smaller web stores — which, in addition to the three mentioned above, include Shein, which focuses specifically on clothing, and is also Chinese — you probably won’t be too surprised by how Temu works. The success of the platform also depends on free shipping, very low prices, and often lightning discounts. You have to wait weeks for delivery here too, but right now Temu not only beats the prices of (more) traditional online stores like Amazon, but also those of its Chinese competitors.

So it’s not surprising that the platform, which was launched in America in September last year, quickly became very popular and, according to data from Sensor Tower, has already taken off in the last quarter. By November, it was already the most downloaded app in both the App Store and Play Store, and since then it hasn’t been able to get off the top spot, now it’s been downloaded by over 24 million people, and 11 million people are actively using it. Of course, the fact that Temu had her own commercial at this year’s Super Bowl also played a role in this. It’s been a few days since Temu Also available in CanadaBased on its success, it is likely to continue expanding in the coming period.

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The app itself can be downloaded in Hungary anyway, and although you can only choose the US and Canada for delivery, you can actually take a look. After doing some research, it can be said that the prices seem unrealistically low, but there is not much difference compared to, for example, AliExpress, and there are also question marks regarding the quality of the products, according to online reviews.

So Temu didn’t invent the wheel, but it’s worth pointing out that at this point, Temu is giving people a lot of free money – in addition to free shipping, there’s a fortune wheel with a $100 jackpot. When you sign up, at least one coupon appears on every interface. , And if we invite new users, both parties can receive smaller or larger amounts.

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