Another 2,000 US troops arrive in Europe

Another 2,000 US troops arrive in Europe

Joe Biden After the official approval of the US President, it was decided on Wednesday that more US troops would arrive in Europe euronews.

According to the US Department of Defense, there is a significant US force on the continent to prevent aggression and maintain stability: 4,000 US troops are already stationed in Poland.

In addition to the forces currently in Europe, the Americans are sending an additional 2,000 soldiers to Poland and Germany and moving 1,000 soldiers from Germany to Romania.John KirbyA spokesman for the US Department of Defense said on Wednesday that the forces will occupy their new position in the coming days. He also revealed that the current military redeployment is independent of the Pentagon’s decision last week. At the time, 8,500 troops were deployed on high alert in the United States in case the NATO Response Force needed urgent support.

More than 100,000 heavily armed soldiers lined up on the Ukrainian border last month, but Moscow denies planning an attack.

Americans feel the danger is grave: Biden said the Russians were invading Ukraine in February, so family members of American diplomats were sent home from Ukraine last week and American citizens working there were told to leave the country.

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