Announcing NFTs for STALKER 2, Crowds Are Rising |  Newsblock

Announcing NFTs for STALKER 2, Crowds Are Rising | Newsblock

GSC Game World has released both the STALKER metaverse and STALKER 2 NFTs, and as expected, the reaction has been surprisingly negative as the audience isn’t overly friendly with NFTs.

Specifically, the only reported implementation of NFT technology by STALKER 2 is a token that allows the player to become the “first dead human”. This token will be auctioned in January 2022 and anyone who obtains it will be free to sell it in the future until an unspecified date. Anyone will be in possession of the token when that time comes You will be a non-playable character in the game.

Additional NFTs are coming, but the developers won’t reveal exactly in what form. The developers made it clear in a tweet that STALKER 2 is not a blockchain-based game anyway, and that NFT will not have any impact on gameplay and will be completely optional.

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