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Announcement of the General Organization of the Changing Global Movement

This idea is logical and positive. In our time, when so many serious human-caused problems are exacerbated everywhere, and man shows himself to be extremely weak, helpless, and irresponsible, there is a great and growing need for this idea. You have to believe in people, because neither history nor science supports this, only our faith.

This kind of belief is rational and based on ethics. Only human faith gives meaning to the struggle that we must fight against threatening problems and dangers, for our goals, day after day. For purposes such as order, justice and freedom. It is rare to be guided by the life instinct, it is self-destructive, if you are motivated only by profit, self-deception, if you wait for other forces, mythical saviors. Man has always tried to be the forerunner of his own destiny, but this is usually a difficult and painful struggle, and absolutely impossible when chained.

However, we can be optimistic, because today science has made incredible progress. It can be said without exaggeration that in the twenty-first century, science can find answers and solutions to everything. At the same time, we also see that even if there is an answer or a solution, there is no breakthrough in terms of social justice, peace or climate protection. This is exactly why we should put science and human faith first.

We respect the old politics and beliefs, but the time has come for a great change of times.

Publisher: Változó Vilag Mozgalomért Public Benefit Foundation

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