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Anno 1923 – Vieques Province and the world in the second half of September 1923

Anno 1923 – Vieques Province and the world in the second half of September 1923

As a result of the district planning, five settlements fled from us, and there was desperation. Appointments, applications and stray animals. Harvest fun in Geol, with unpleasant overtones. News about the border crossing and they found a bridge that no one needs

Farmige News – Disappointment

“The five villages of Cunca-Aradvar County were not administratively connected to Beksvar County, but to Chanad County. If the news is true, it is capable of causing despair, and even more so, not only among the residents of Bécés County, but also in the municipalities of Aradvar County.” Interested. Economically, even during peace, these five villages belonged more to Bekasmigi than to Aradmigi, and all the interests of their inhabitants belong to Bekisvarmigi, as we have recently explained here in detail. We therefore respectfully ask what aspects and interests constitute the guiding principles when decisions have to be taken Decisions on the vital interests of tens of thousands of our depleted population. Have we so contagious Trianon, which also ignored its economic interests and, even in spite of them, tore apart interconnected peoples in order to destroy Central Europe? Do we interpret the desires of the peoples and their right to self-determination in the same way that he does? The peacemakers of Paris? Must we interpret even when this desire, this right to self-determination, is expressed in a direction beneficial to the national general interest? What history says of the Bourbons can truly be said of us, that they have learned nothing, and have forgotten nothing. from the past. The old politics are still alive and prevailing here, which has no meaning for the economic and cultural interests of the masses that maintain the state, and who still believe that the population, citizens and workers are for the offices and not the other way around. Only the astonishment of the House can control us when we have to take into account such governmental facts. Surprise and despair are that, with these facts, they want to raise a generation loyal to the state, ready to make sacrifices. With such policies, they want to resurrect and revive the nation. Certainly this is the same policy that pushed Hungarians to the brink of the grave. How long will he judge us?

News from Gyula – Transylvania

National News – Is it good to be a soldier now?

News from the border – let’s be careful!

News from Geula – It was a good party!

National News – You can go through this

Vármegyes News – Who owns the bridge?

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