Annette Perez is so grateful to be able to walk again

She also owes a lot to the distinguished physiotherapist, who played an important role in ensuring that Anett Béres was able to walk again in such a short time.

Annette Perez’s infernal pain has not gone away, but she holds her own and does not complain. Regardless, he’s already waiting for a certain moment when the bolts come out of his back, causing very serious pain.

out of turn

Such weather awaits us on Sunday

The beautiful and attractive Annette is also very grateful to the physiotherapist who helped her a lot to walk again. Every small step is important, and with a good specialist, serious changes can be achieved even within a short period of time.

Well it happened, Annette will never forget what her physical therapist did for her. Last year I pestered him a lot by telling him when he would finally be able to walk again, which he already did.

“he @M, my physiotherapist, whom I pestered so much last year to tell me when I would finally be able to walk again! – wrote Annette in her last post, which does not give up for a moment.

Fortunately, Annette can walk again, but she will never forget what the specialist did for her. “Fortunately, it happened a long time ago, but I will never forget what you did for me! Thanks!”

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