Anna Nitrai set the age group record for the snare

16-year-old Anna Nitrai improved the national top two age groups in the trap at the Junior World Cup in Suhl.

So far, young Hungarian sports shooters have not won a medal at the Junior World Cup in Suhl, but they are trying to get the most out of themselves.

Anna Nitrai and her trainer, Norbert Hege Source: MSSZ

On Friday, for example Gita Bagus, Anna Nagipanye-Nagy, Anna Toth The girls’ air rifle team shot 623.5 rounds in the semi-finals and missed out on the bronze medal by only two tens.

The best Hungarian individual result to date is the Emerging European Champion poor gita He is credited with, who placed sixth in the air shooters individual competition. The 16-year-old shooter must be congratulated separately. Anna Netray performance. Promising MátraHegyi SSE finished 27th, not in the first field, in shooting 125 discus traps, but still improved the national top in youth and junior competition. Student Norbert Hegi scored 102 balls, six better than the record he previously held.

By the way, India has a huge advantage so far in the Suhli World Cup. The Indians have claimed 8 golds and 8 silvers in the event that runs since Tuesday, behind them tied for second in the medal table with the United States and Australia with 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

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