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Anita Gorbez, Katalin Ballinger, and Laszlo Nagy are inducted into the Hall of Fame

Anita Gorbez, Katalin Ballinger, and Laszlo Nagy are inducted into the Hall of Fame

In a wide-ranging ceremony, UEFA Handball awarded the best of the season behind us, including one legion for each of our two teams in the Women’s Premier League finals, while three Hungarian franchises were also included among European Handball immortals.

Anita Görbicz, László Nagy and Katalin Pálinger have also been inducted into the EHF Hall of Fame.

The European Handball Federation celebrated the outstanding players of the recently ended season in a way that builds tradition, amidst colorful appearances. The award ceremony, which was accompanied by a procession on the blue carpet in Vienna, honored many past classics and, not coincidentally, European handball was introduced as a prelude to the evening. to the Hall of Fame The first sixty members. UEFA has selected legendary players from the past 30 seasons, and the elite club has three Hungarian members.

He participated in the national team 233 times, and won the Women’s World Cup five times Anita Gorbes Silver medalist of the Olympics and World Cups, former European champion and excellent goalkeeper, who holds the position of vice president at MKSZ Katalin BallingerOn the men’s side, the former right winger won the World Cup twice with Barcelona and participated in 209 matches. Laszlo Nagy He got recognition.

The Hungarian handball legends spoke to National Sport about what it means for them to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“Among the trophies, this is the pinnacle of my career, because it is impossible to get a greater recognition than this. I am very happy and happy.” – he told our newspaper when he entered the army anita Gorbes, Head of Gyor ETO.

“I was surprised when I heard about this, and of course it fills me with great joy so far. It was nice to come into the hotel and see the faces we’ve had great battles with. It’s an honor and a great feeling to be here.” announce Laszlo Nagy.

The goalkeeper was born in Zenta Arpad SterbekWho represented Serbia and then Spain, world and European champions, has a total of six medals from global competitions, while at club level he won the Champions League four times. He defended Veszprém’s goal in two different spells, and is currently working as a goalkeeper coach at Bakone FC. Interestingly, for the shot put players, the current coach of Vespreem, Momir Ilyich He is also among the new members.

Laszlo Nagy (Photo: EHF/kolektiff)

“With the ceremony taking place for the first time, we want the best of the season to be in the spotlight even more, while by reviving the Hall of Fame, we pay tribute to the legends who have written themselves forever in the history book of our sport.” confirmed michael Federer, President of the European Football Association.

After the concert, the dream teams were announced. The final list was formed based on votes from players, coaches, media and fans from a list compiled based on various aspects (performances in the Premier League, Europa League and national team were also taken into account). No Hungarian players are included in any of the teams, but for the women, the Dutch Legion are BL FTC finalists, Angela Mallisten He became the best right winger, while Győr awarded the Slovenian bronze medalist the best right winger Anna Gross Personally.

Angela Malestein (Photo: EHF/kolektiff)

The winners of the Győr and FTC Awards told us how they felt when they found out they were in this season’s Dream Team.

“I learned the news after the fourth round. I’m happy and proud. It’s not just for me, but mostly for the team. It’s good to be here and to meet so many great old players”. Anna Gross said.

He added, “The final was the most important for me, and that’s when I heard the news. It’s the icing on the cake after the fact that we also performed excellently in the BL, and in general I’m curious as to how the evening will turn out.” Angela Malestein told Our Post.

According to the plans, UEFA will stage an award ceremony every year thereafter (although the date can be changed, as most active players cannot attend due to summer holidays), and the new distinction may be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Members of the European Handball Hall of Fame

Goalkeepers: Thierry Omer, Thomas Svensson, Arpad Steerbeck
far right: Victor Thomas, Irfan Smaglagic, Lassi Svan, Fed Kaftiknik
Right-handed shooters: Kirli Lazarov, Olafur Stefansson, Laszlo Nagy
Controllers: Jackson Richardson, Ivano Palic, Enrique Masip, Talent Duzhbaev, Stefan Lofgren
Collections: Magnus Wislander, Dragan Scrubkes, Christian Schwarzer, Carlos Brito, Peter Merhall
ball throwers: Daniel Narcisse, Siarhij Rutenka, Momir Elix, Philip Gesha
far left: Stefan Kretschmar, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson, Michael Goigo, Nikolaj Jacobsen, Xavier O’Callaghan
protectors: Andrei Chapkin, Ola Lindgren, Didier Denart
Goalkeepers: Valerie Nikola, Jelena Grubicic, Cecily Leganger, Katalin Ballinger
far right: Christina Varzaro, Iris Morhammer, Stephanie Cano, Corinne Lynn Christine Riegelhuth
Right-handed shooters: Greet Jurak, Katarina Bulatovic, Mette Westergaard
Moderators: ANITA GÖRBICZ, Camila Andersen, Nodjilam Miyaru, Irina Poltorakaja, Gro Hammersing Eden
Collections: Heidi Locke, Lyudmila Budneeva, Begona Fernandez
ball throwers: Bojana Popović, Narcissa Likosano, Osra Frederikas
far left: Maja Savics, Petra Kumblova Kekova, Christina Roslin-Kristiansen
protectors: Anja Althaus, Eduarda Amorim, Linnea Torstenson

Best of the Year in EHF
The men’s dream team

Doorman: Niklas Landen (Denmark, THW Kiel)
far right: Hans Lindberg (Denmark, Fuchs Berlin)
Right-handed shooter: Matthias Gedsel (Denmark, Fuchs Berlin)
observer: Luke Staines (Dutch, Paris Saint-Germain)
Lined up: Ludovic Fabregas (France, Barcelona)
ball shooter: Simon Petlik (Denmark, GOG)
far left: Timur Geberov (Russian Federation, PPD Zagreb)
protector: Thiago Petros (Brazil, Barcelona)
Best young player: Domin McCook (Slovenia, Barcelona)
Most Valuable Player of the Season (MVP): Simon Petlik (Denmark, GOG)

Women’s dream team
Doorman: Katrin Lundy (Norway, Vipers Kristiansand)
far right: Angela Malestein (Dutch, Federal Trade Commission)
Right-handed shooter: Ana Gross (Slovenia, Gyor)
observer: Heni Rystad (Norway, Esbjerg)
Lined up: Feld Ingstad (Norway, Team Esbjerg)
ball shooter: Cristina Niago (Romanian, CSM Bucuresti)
far left: Emma Friis (Danish, Ekast Handbold)
protector: Kathryn Hendall (Denmark, Esbjerg)
Best young player: Paulita Phoba (France, Brest)
Most Valuable Player of the Season (MVP): Katrin Lundy (Norway, Vipers Kristiansand)

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