Anikó Ungár has changed into a new Over-70 look: She looks great with her - the local star

Anikó Ungár has changed into a new Over-70 look: She looks great with her – the local star

There are those who find it difficult to bear the passage of time, cannot let go of the early stages of their lives, and stubbornly cling to their former appearance.

Hungarian Aniko Not like that, even at the age of seventy-three, he easily renewed his appearance, and this was only to his advantage.

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One of Hungary’s most famous magicians, Anikó Ungár always has a flawless look and exudes femininity and elegance. The star believes that this is due to her excellent sense of style and the fact that she has been able to rationally look at herself and her body all her life.

– This kind of identification with time, to stay in rhythm, to be open, to be inclusive and to know what is in the world around me, I think that is what makes us, if not immortal, but contemporary – said RTL Klub to focus In front of the cameras of his program about himself and his contemporaries.

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She participated in the television recording with an airy look, with loose, short but feminine hair. For this, she paired smokey eye makeup, a pale shade of lipstick, and a camel brown turtleneck.

Women should have a personality and style, and this style extends to the characteristics of fashion. You, you are the style in which you feel yourself, and you choose the style from the arsenal, from the fashion near you. And I don’t wear it because it’s a fashion, but because I know it’s good for my character – he shared his point of view on current fashion.

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Anikó Ungár is not the only Hungarian celebrity with an impressive beauty and femininity even in her seventies – you can see her and the others in our photo gallery!

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