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Angolan drivers explore the landscapes of their homeland while doing charitable work

Angolan drivers explore the landscapes of their homeland while doing charitable work

We embark on an exceptional journey in Voices of Angola. Our crew took part in an exceptional adventure with the Amigos da Picada motorcycle group. They are not only motorcyclists but also fans of this wonderful country. Come join us on this journey of discovery!

They are Amigos da Picada, whose alliance is as strong as their love for roads.

“It’s a good family, everyone is one, one for all. Understanding and friendship. Everyone is here today,” said Zacharias Fernandez Neto, a member of the Motorcycle Team.

Amigos da Picada means “friends of the dirt road”. The name is inspired by the team’s first trip when neighboring Namibia was discovered in 2006.

“We choose the team members, and we look for disciplined people who are committed to kinetic and friendly.” Lilio Almeida, President of Amigos da Picada, explains that we choose them as team members.

More than 260 active members of the team can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Angola and Africa. Today, they head south from Luanda via Kuikama (pronounced: Kisama) National Park … before they head north … and end their trip at Cabiri’s Mubanga Lodge, popular with tourists.

These are fun excursions, but that’s not all

Zacarias Fernandes Neto, Member, Friends of the Bite:

“Before we joined the club, we imagined it differently. But when someone is already in the team, he realizes that it is about something else.”

Our mission is to promote tourism in Angola. We also do a lot of social work in churches and hospitals, ”says Zacharias Fernandez Neto, a member of the Motorcycle Team.

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The next part of their journey leads them to another area entirely.

“We are about 55 kilometers from Luanda, on the south coast, and we’re heading to Barra de Cuanza. This place is called Moon Lookout because the view from here is beautiful when the sun sets after 7 pm, around 7 pm, it’s very beautiful”, As Jorge Custodio de Almeida, President of the General Assembly of Amigos da Picada says.

Then they head east, where cyclists can enjoy the natural beauty of Angola at Koukama National Park.

They reached Mimaxa, which in Kimbundu means heart.

“We are in Moxima, a beautiful and sacred place. We come here every year to get a blessing at the start of the motorcycle season.”

After leaving Moxima, motorcyclists head towards their destination. Spend one night at Mobanga Lodge in Capere.

“We have very good relationships with cyclists all over the world, including adventurers looking to explore Africa,” says Lilio Almeida, President of Amigos da Picada.

“I am sending a message to international motorcyclists that we are happy to see them in Angola. We currently have more than 20 motorcycle groups in Angola.” Zacharias Fernandez Neto says: “The harmony between us is amazing, we are like a big family.

According to our presenter Serge Rompi, one feels the need to explore Angola, as it is warmly received.

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