Angela Merkel will visit the White House in July

Angela Merkel will visit the White House in July

Climate change and international security based on democratic values ​​will also be discussed.

Joe Biden The US President at the White House on July 15 يوم Angela Merkel The German chancellor announced on Friday that the visit aims to further strengthen “deep bilateral relations” Jin PsakiWhite House spokesman. According to him, Biden and Merkel will exchange views

To cooperate closely on a number of common challenges, including ending the coronavirus pandemic, combating climate change and promoting economic prosperity and international security based on shared democratic values.

Tensions between Washington and Berlin have increased somewhat recently due to the deadlock over the construction of the $11 billion North Stream-2 gas pipeline as a Russian-German investment. However, the Biden administration announced in May that it would lift sanctions against the pipeline contractor and its CEO, citing “US national interests.” This move allowed the United States and Germany more time to settle the dispute.

The White House made the announcement shortly before the start of a three-day summit of the heads of state and government of the Group of Seven in the small town of Carbis Bay in southwest England, on Friday, in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Canada. Germany, France and Italy. Biden has hosted leaders from two countries, Japan and South Korea, since his inauguration as US president in January.

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