Angela Merkel wants a trade agreement with the United States

Speaking at the congress of the joint parliamentary federal faction (Bundestag) of his party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) of his party, the chancellor referred to the German-American relationship in recent years. Full of life as it can be. However, the German chancellor said that the government led by the new president, Joe Biden, had already made “guiding decisions” in its first 100 days.

Angela Merkel explained that in light of the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and the shifting balance of power through the economic and political strengthening of China and “partly very violent action” of Russia, “It is good to know that the Biden government is in favor of lockdown. Transatlantic partnership and rules and sees a global order based on values ​​as a basis. For peaceful, just and fruitful cooperation between nations. Referring to former US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, he noted that the United States is a critical factor not only in the Atlantic region, but also in the Pacific region, where strengthening China is a “challenge” to Washington.

Merkel stressed in this position, “Of course we cannot be neutral observers, we will remain allies in this challenge as well, but at the same time, shared values ​​do not automatically mean a convergence of interests.” He added that foreign policy is always shaped by the common influence of values ​​and interests, and that it is important to express European interest in transatlantic partnership and friendship. The Chancellor emphasized that Europe has no interest in the re-emergence of a world divided into two “spheres”. He added that Germany and Europe’s relations with China consist of several layers. This relationship is marked by sharp criticism of the concerns of the Uyghur minority and the situation in Hong Kong, as well as European interest in the development of the country and the increase in the welfare of its inhabitants.

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China should participate in the multilateral cooperation of the international community, Angela Merkel said that from climate change to reform of the World Trade Organization, a number of issues “cannot be resolved without or against China.” Among other things, he said that the EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement, along with the expected difficulties of ratification – the transition to national law – was a “very important task” as it would improve EU companies’ access to Chinese markets and help international countries. Labor Organization: to enforce the basic requirements of working conditions in China set by the International Labor Organization.

He added, among other things, that he had supported it from the start and still saw it very reasonable to do so The European Union should conclude a comprehensive economic and trade agreement with the United States, similar to the agreement with Canada.

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