Angela Merkel made a big announcement

Angela Merkel made a big announcement

Brigitte Baumann, who has been Angela Merkel’s chief of staff since 1992, told German news magazine Der Spiegel that she had already prepared the most important volumes.

Brigitte Baumann, who was principal advisor to Angela Merkel along with media advisor Eva Christiansen, said the former chancellor “doesn’t want to tell his whole life” but “wants to explain his most important political decisions in his own words and based on his career”. , in a compilation published Friday in the Der Spiegel ministerial, and after 16 years, he ended Wednesday as prime minister.

As he said, the volume will focus on the major crises of the Merkel era, the worsening global financial crisis of 2008, the European migration crisis of 2015, and the nearly two-year-old coronavirus pandemic.

The pleasure of reading isn’t the first thought that might come to mind about a book written by physicist Angela Merkel and Extreme Bureau director but who don’t want to involve others in the work, Der Spiegel writes about Brigitte Baumann’s focus. “The chancellor and I are absolutely sure that if we did this book, we would be working on our own, that is, without ghost writers, historians, and journalists.”

Baumann says it would be wrong to say that Merkel’s language was stressful and alienated many, creating distance between her as a political decision-maker and the electorate.

“If your language is really boring and mediocre as the media has often created it, how could it have been so popular for so long?” Raised the former director of the advisor’s office.

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Angela Merkel retired from public life on Wednesday with a change of government. However, according to a survey published on Friday, he remains the most popular politician in Germany.

According to ZDF’s National Public Service Television, her popularity index, measured on a five-to-five-plus scale, is 2.7, far ahead of second-placed Olaf Scholz, the new chancellor, who has a popularity of 2.1 points.

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