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Aneko Nadae has received rude comments about her latest photo

Aneko Nadae has received rude comments about her latest photo

Anikó Nádai has been going through a lot of changes recently, as she is not happy with her appearance. Although she generally received a lot of positive feedback about her appearance, this did not convince her that she did not need plastic surgery. Many people believe that he actually fell on the other side of the horse, and he has received a lot of criticism for that in his latest photos.

Aneko Nadae has never hidden the fact that she has undergone several plastic surgeries. Years ago, she had her breasts operated on, then also cut off her nose. She recently cut her long black hair because she is still not satisfied with her appearance. Now many people are speculating that she may have undergone another surgery, as she is becoming more and more unrecognizable in her new photos.

How about your face you can barely recognize…Botox? – wrote one of her followers, but there were many similar opinions under the mother of two’s latest photo.

Where’s the witch Aniko?” complained one person, who thought that this new style was not useful to Nadai and that it was much more natural.

Too bad he can’t be recognized! Where did Aniko’s beautiful face go? Who is this woman? It could be anyone – that’s the problem! Individuality has disappeared, personality has disappeared! Pepper Another commenter was critical, but many people have the same opinion.

But there are also those who took the mother under their protection, who may have changed after birth, and it is not certain that she underwent another operation.

Another follower suggested: “I don’t know what happened, but her face changed completely after giving birth.”

But the picture is good, you are the most beautiful without makeup! Finally someone who dares to do it anyway! – wrote another, who thinks Aneko Nadae only draws differently because of makeup, but she still finds her very beautiful.

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