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Andy Zarfas tries to hide the fact that he is obese by faking his photos – Photos

Andy Zarfas tries to hide the fact that he is obese by faking his photos – Photos

Last April, Andi Zarfas revealed that her engagement to her ex-fiancé, with whom she broke up after three and a half years, ended a year after he proposed. The former beauty queen did not grieve alone for long, because last summer she found her new love in the person of the ex-husband of Andrea Molnar, a former member of the jury of “Dancing with the Stars”. For a long time, they only spoke narrowly about their relationship and did not show any photos together, but as soon as things became more serious between them, they also accepted their love, and for some time now they have been showing more and more open photos together on their social media pages.

The former Farm VIP player previously revealed that the new love came into his life unexpectedly, but almost immediately they felt a great chemistry between them.

I was just coming home from a photoshoot when Zolti saw me on the street…

He recognized me and later wrote to me on Instagram, which of course could have ended badly, because it is not usual for me to respond to messages from strangers, but for some reason I behaved differently after that. We just corresponded for a while, and then we started talking on the phone. In fact, I did not even think that something could develop between us, because I wanted to spend the summer alone. “However, our phone conversations became deeper and longer,” said Andy Zarfas, who has since been in a happy relationship with Andrea Molnar’s ex-husband Zsolt. At least that is the image she shows her followers, but it is possible that she is suffering from eating disorders again.

Andy Zarfas previously told Origo that he had a serious body image disorder, which is why he had serious eating problems, even seeing himself as overweight at 47 kilograms.

If I don't feel comfortable in my body, I can't go for a photoshoot; there was a case where I cancelled my job because of this, because I ate more than usual the day before and immediately felt like I had gained ten extra kilos.

“I am satisfied now, maybe now I am the most satisfied with myself, because I am in a good state of mind,” explained the winner of the title of Miss World Hungary 2018, who shocked people with a TV interview, in which she did not appear in her photos, she did not look alive, and for this reason she was subjected to a lot of criticism as people believe that it is very harmful behavior on social media.

I will never understand why women who look perfectly fine would blatantly lie about how they really look.

– Someone wrote in a group about tabloid topics, where they posted a photo of Andi Szarvas taken from the interview, then added a fake, edited photo of the model to illustrate the difference.

I usually show it to my teenage nieces/nephews. Look at the distorted picture of this empty goose on social media.

Don't grow up believing that women and men look like their photos. “They're still kids, but they understand better how harmful that is,” another user wrote indignantly, because this is why so many people suffer from body image disorders, because they keep seeing fake photos on social media.

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