Andy Toth on his way in a Ford Mustang convertible (video)

Andy Toth on his way in a Ford Mustang convertible (video)

Now Andi Tóth can totally get the feel of summer life, because he has everything he needs.

Andy Toth didn’t have to worry about her summer level, because she was already struggling with it in the winter. Remember, that’s when he started preparing for the second season of Dancing With the Stars a year ago, and it didn’t stop until the end of the year.

She practiced for hours with Andrei Mangra every day, with the result that the singer practically reached the level of a professional in a matter of weeks. All this so that he does not have previous qualifications, and this is more than additional qualifications.

There is clearly a difference between the pros and the pros, but Andy was really able to dance with the pros, and everyone was just watching with their mouths open. During the premiere, several people in the studio said that only Andi could win this contest.

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That was it, his manjra was stored, while his body was only shaped by a large number of dance lessons, which could give him more confidence. After that, all he needed was a good time, friends, concerts, and a convertible.

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