Andy Toth is back in the ring: It’s not worth bothering him – photo

Andy Toth He is not in an easy position, as he has recently received a lot of hurtful comments on his social media page. Although the beautiful star tries to exclude negative things from her life, according to her friend, she is being harassed with more rude messages. Sometimes they tease them about Star in the Star, sometimes about her breakup with Peti Marics, but they forget that Andi isn’t a fragile girl…

Andi Tóth is back in the ring (Photo: Máté Krisztián)

The other day, he shared on his Instagram that he was back in the ring, that is, he put on boxing gloves again. He has been doing his favorite sport for years, although he hasn’t had enough time to do it in recent months.

I slipped back into the ring

— wrote for the photo, according to some fans He chose this sport just to protect himself.

photo: Instagram

His dog also protects him

We can say that Andy Toth She’s a tough girl, but that means more security if your dog is also ready in case something happens. An acquaintance of the singer stated earlier that Andy has received a lot of threats in the recent period, and that’s why You will attend a guardian protection course with your petAnd Bailey-with.

Andy doesn’t have easy days, he gets a lot of threatening letters… he’s constantly getting hurt in Shatter because of Shatter and Betty Marix, but some even tease him about his retirement. Let’s face it, after a while it’s both scary and unbearable at the same time. Especially for a young girl who herself admitted that she was mentally unwell…” – an acquaintance of the singer told Bors recently, who also revealed: female dog He will take care of Andy’s safety.

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He receives threats every day, so he needs someone to protect him. I understand that your dog will soon be trained to protect him in any situation. Even against an attacker…

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