Andy Toth hid it with a transparent lace: the daring dress became cold and warm – the star of the country

Andy Toth Sitting in the Star in Star jury box in hotter and hotter outfits, she didn’t lie to herself on broadcast four either.

The 24-year-old singer has always loved bold and unique creations, and she paired well with stylist and stylist Mark Case on the TV2 entertainment show.

Andy Toth in a lace dress

In the black lace creation, she was sexy without flashing anything, though some viewers commented that it looked like she was just wearing a bra over the top. Her collection has had mixed success, with some describing it as feminine and elegant, while others as casual.

“Andi was so pretty and classy now, I also loved the review. Also, the makeup was really nice.”

“Well, I didn’t think those two words about him. Sexy, hot, even k… but in a men’s magazine… not in a talent show.”

“I don’t like the way you dress. Not because she’s dressed sexy, every woman has that desire. Yes, because she’s normal. But! I love the way you rule. Pleasantly surprised. He often has dignity compared to the other members laughing, joking and flopping around on the table. He tries to be professional and not just an organic group. (By the way, her hair and makeup are always great.)”

In our picks, you can see not only Andi Tóth’s daring lace dress, but also her dresses that she’s worn on previous broadcasts.

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We’ve rounded up 10 stars from Hungary who we think wore a dreamy lace dress to a gala or awards show.

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