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Android’s latest innovation frees up a lot of valuable space

Android’s latest innovation frees up a lot of valuable space

26.09.2023 – Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find even 1-2 TB of storage space in phones equipped with Android or iOS systems. That’s why manufacturers are already demanding a serious premium, but 128 and 256 GB are really considered basic for everyone. Even the famously frugal Apple won’t give in to this, although if it did, it could. This is no coincidence. On the one hand, the size of applications and games has become larger and larger, and on the other hand, the content generated by the phone has also increased greatly. 4K 60fps videos already take up a lot more space than their 1080p counterparts, not to mention the many megapixel photos.

Thanks to this, even the seemingly huge storage spaces described above can run out of space. Most mobile phones no longer offer the option of subsequent expansion, and the era of MicroSD has certainly ended some time ago. That’s why everyone has to manage factory storage. Apple supports its users on many levels, and Google appears to be no exception.

From now on, we can also save valuable space on Android devices

Google announced a feature called App Archive in 2022. Its mission is to automatically remove unused apps, while allowing user data to remain on the device. Thanks to this, valuable space can be freed up on Android phones, while you don’t have to say goodbye to valuable data. However, until now, this function was only activated when the phones’ storage space was completely exhausted.

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Google has now modified this, thanks to which it will also be possible to play it in the Play Store. Based on internal measurements, up to 60% of storage space can be freed up with this, which can be an excellent solution if you suddenly need more space. Moreover, the removed applications will not disappear from the home screen either, and the cloud icon will indicate that we have to download them again.

source: HVG

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