Android phone updates will be installed faster in the future - Android - Software

Android phone updates will be installed faster in the future – Android – Software

Google recently made two small changes device In the open source code base of your Android system, which will bring positive changes to its operation that users can directly perceive. Thanks to these, in the future, updates on devices running Android will be installed much faster than before.

The gist of one of the changes is that it starts two threads instead of the previous one when installing updates to perform compression tasks. According to the signs, this was a bottleneck in the process, and a small change would sort this out. According to my measurements, thanks to this alone, installing the latest OTA update on my Pixel 6 Pro has been reduced from 23 minutes to 17 minutes.

At the same time, Google has made another change to the Android codebase responsible for the update, which should further speed up this process. The gist of this is that it combines several small but related changes during an update into one large write operation and performs them in one step. This improvement reduced the time required for said refresh by another 4 minutes, from 17 minutes to 13 minutes.

With the two modifications, Google was able to shorten the time required for the update installation process from 23 minutes to 13 minutes, that is, almost in half, which is a very significant saving. At the same time, it is not yet known when users will be able to enjoy the new developments, as this will require phone manufacturers to include them in the Android versions they use.

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