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Android logo has been officially renewed

Android logo has been officially renewed

Until now, it was no secret that the face of Android is changing, as the new logo has already appeared in some places, but now the new look has been officially announced.

It’s worth starting with the fact that there’s a good chance Android 14 will debut now, but the new system seems to be delayed. Last year, the final version of Android 13 was released on August 15, so compared to this, Google was already behind, but according to the latest news, the new version is likely to arrive in October only with the Pixel 8. Mobile phones.

Instead of a new system, we only got a small announcement according to which the Android image will be renewed. A feature of the previous logo was the robot’s completely flat head with no shadows or features, as well as the inscription “android” written in small letters all over.

previous logo

Compared to this, the theme is now fully 3D in the new version, and the “Android” pattern has received a capital letter after more than 10 years.

New logo

The font has also changed, and the letters “n” and “r” are simpler, consisting of only one line.

By the way, the new skin has been created by Google in several versions, and the full-size Android skin has also received an update.

Going forward, the new logo will be used officially, and there’s a good chance it will also appear on the phones’ boot screen.

Source: Google

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