Android feature is available for mobile navigation while walking

Android feature is available for mobile navigation while walking

In 2018, Google announced its Digital Wellbeing initiative, which will include improvements to help reduce screen time spent on Android mobile phones. The goal is to give people a better understanding of their own patterns of use, to be able to turn away when needed, and to use technology to a healthy extent without compromising important physiological activities such as sleep or rest. Or even not endanger their physical safety.

A suite of digital wellness tools will soon be rolled out with the “Heads Up” feature. Is increasing, Which tries to warn the user against chatting on their phone while walking, driving and searching. To do this, of course, you need to grant the app permission for location data and monitor physical activity so that the mobile phone can detect when the user is on the go. If the filler crashes, the warning emoji is already coming.

The development, which is still in beta, is being developed by XDA Developers Stab Inside the Digital Wellbeing app and can only be used on Pixel 4A phones. It is not yet known when it will be more widely available.

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