Android apps are not available on Xbox

Android apps are not available on Xbox

Unusually, Microsoft responded to a common rumor.

The news reached the technical press a few days ago. Accordingly After Windows 11, the ability to run Android apps and games on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles may also be available. The rumor was launched by Microsoft itself after a product page for the Android runtime environment appeared in the Windows 11 factory app store, saying that it is Xbox compatible software.

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Contrary to its usual protocol, Microsoft was willing to comment on press reports, Windows Central According to his own response, there are currently no plans to bring Android software to Xbox. Accordingly, there was simply incorrect information on the Windows Subsystem Component product page for Android.

After migrating your Xbox system software to Windows 11, running Android apps and games on consoles probably isn’t great, but the solution to managing them using the gamepad seems pretty problematic. In addition, it is unclear how much of the business stake Microsoft will receive in this step.

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