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Android 14 was delayed, and it didn’t arrive today either

Android 14 was delayed, and it didn’t arrive today either

Android 14 was delayed, and it did not arrive today either, although rumors predicted the release of the new system on September 5 after its release in mid-August.

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Although beta 5 was released last month, the stable build had already arrived around this time last year, namely on August 15, Google released Android 13.

Android 14 release delay - infographic

Until last month, it was possible to deduce the release at the end of summer, when the beta version was released Google saidThe new order could arrive in a few weeks.

The next prediction was for September 5, but the update has not yet been released by the company, so it is expected to happen later.

At the time, Android 12 arrived in October, shortly before the Pixel show on October 19, where the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were introduced. However, in the case of Android 12, the final beta 5 didn’t come until September, and in previous years, the update usually arrives in August or September, at least since 2016.

Since Android 14 does not bring huge changes, like, for example, Material You came with Android 12, the delay seems strange.

For those who have a Pixel device and can’t wait for the stable release, Beta 5.2 is completely stable and can be tested on both the Pixel 7 series, Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold, many bugs on these devices have been fixed by this release.


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