Andrea Keleti inherited her beauty from her mother: Violet over 70 looks absolutely stunning - a Hungarian star

Andrea Keleti inherited her beauty from her mother: Violet over 70 looks absolutely stunning – a Hungarian star

Keleti Andrea He worked for his enviable appearance, but also inherited good genes. His mother who is over seventy also ranks first in her daughter’s dance lessons, and they are often seen as siblings.

The dancer’s 52-year-old grandmother, Aunt Ebolia, is 95, but she’s also a true energy bombshell, and still rules the family.

Andrea Keleti’s mother and grandmother

Andrea Keleti owes many things to her mother and grandmother, such as her love of cooking and pursuit of an active life.

“I have a lot of recipes that I learned from my grandmother, and everyone loves them. Your uncle is a good example for the whole family, a very active woman. He has also inspired me to lose weight, for example, since he is active at the age of 95, he runs the family, he can not be I have extra pounds at such a young age!

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Andrea Keleti was always on the move a lot, and yet eight pounds ran on her. When she saw herself in photos taken on her fiftieth birthday, she decided it was time to shed the extra pounds. He also shed the extra pounds by using a Palestinian herbal recipe.


All my old clothes come to me, I’m wearing two sizes smaller again! I want to be healthy as long as my mom, who hasn’t been sick for nearly a hundred people, is still mentally fresh now. Being overweight is one of the most insidious sources of danger, our whole family has always made sure not to have bigger fluctuations and to keep the pounds off at a young age. I saw this from my mother and grandmother, we believe that health also gives women support and self-awareness – said Andrea Keleti.

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Both violets, Andrea’s mother and grandmother, love their favorite hobby, gardening.

Eastern Mother Andrea 1

“Mom and Dad love gardening, they produce everything, and it is enough for almost the whole family to get creative in the mother’s garden. I always try too, but for me it still does not go well, as I have to pay attention to a lot of vegetables every day, my mother and my mother You remove them, you water them, you pet them, you talk to them every day.And we eat a lot of beets, radishes, tomatoes, peppers and all kinds of herbs.

Pictures of Andrea Keleti in a swimsuit

After my dress sizes ran out, I thought she’d show herself in a swimsuit too. “I haven’t really seen the audience in swimsuit pictures yet, precisely because I’m so shy. I know it sounds weird, because when I dance, it doesn’t look that way, but it’s still the truth. I wear a bikini on the beach, but I didn’t think about That, to show myself before the country world.”

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