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Andras Stoll on his divorce: He felt like a complete failure when his first wife – Najm Hazai, left him

Andras Stoll on his divorce: He felt like a complete failure when his first wife – Najm Hazai, left him

Andras Stoll He has had three long relationships in his life, of which five were born: He and his first wife were married from 1992 to 2003 – and he rarely talks about his divorce from Eva Torday.

Gabriela Jakubcic conducted an interview with the actor and presenter, in which he also discussed his past relationships.

Andras Stoll divorce

Angelic or demonic? During the interactive talk show called András Stohl, it was discussed that András Stohl is in an interesting situation, because he and his current wife are approaching a turning point.

– My situation is very interesting, because I was with my first wife for 12 years, and I was with Anksica for 12 years, and Vika and I are now 10 years old –

From here they turned to the reason for his separation from the mothers of his four older children. Many people don't even know, but his first wife left him.

– Apparently my first wife, Eva, was tired of my lifestyle, so I didn't divorce her. It was a miserable failure. I had a really bad time.

With his former partner, Ansica, with whom he had two middle children, Francisca and Andras, they remained separated for other reasons.

– Our relationship with Anxi turned into love, the fire went out, then there was a “gap,” Vika came, and so it became a new family. But the switch wasn't easy.

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Cover photo: TV2/Show your voice!

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