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András Stohl: TV2 has never asked for one to move either way

András Stohl: TV2 has never asked for one to move either way

He doesn’t care that TV2’s news editors campaigned for Orbán.

Osvath zolt Featured on YouTube Stoll Andrew. he spoke Recently completed In a star in a star!He also said that he feared becoming the subject of memes if he didn’t do well.

He also said that he was confirmed to TV2 that year because they didn’t stick with him at RTL Klub and didn’t want to make a new show for him.

I went to Peter, who said, “Bandy, I can’t make you offers now, and there will probably be a chain and I can put them in.” But this was not enough for me, because TV2 offered me a contract there at that moment. It happened.

Osvath highlighted the active participation of TV2 news editors in the election campaign, noting that Mars Anikó’sthat they Urban vector They will vote for Fidesz-KDNP on April 3. Stoll said there is no spiritual wrestling with this.

When I do my business, I do it the same way as Andras Stoll. It’s a job for me, a job where no one has ever asked me to disclose any kind of political orientation. To be clear, TV2 had no requests or requests for me to turn in any direction.

If there had been such a request, Stoll said, he would never have agreed.

I have to entertain every page. There is no right or left viewer except that your ticket is to the right or left. But not anyway.

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