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Andras Polgar, a businessman, gives hundreds of millions of forints to children “deprived of their educational rights”

The businessman explains: “It is not possible to pay for the centuries-old exclusion of an entire ethnic group and the systematic kidnapping of the future of their children with a few hundred thousand forints as compensation for some” of our “chosen” Roma. In an article published on hvg.hu.

Entrepreneur Andras Polgar, a The founder of the Civic Foundation for Opportunities is posted on hvg.hu. in writing It announced that it would provide one hundred million forints as start-up support to improve the learning opportunities – and therefore life – of Roma and non-Gypsy children who were denied their educational rights and unable to study in separate settings.

I wrote when I was forced to agree with racists. And I don’t think Gyöngyöspata’s ruling does justice. Of course, I do not consider it unfair to judge compensation, but because the centuries-old exclusion of an entire ethnic group, and the systematic abduction of their children, cannot be paid, with some being paid a few hundred thousand forints. Of our “chosen” Gypsy compatriots. In addition to an apology without any consequences. The court, in every degree, did what it could. He decided to file a lawsuit and ordered the lawyers to pay compensation. However, it did not provide justice. It’s our job as perpetrators– writes in his article the businessman who says “One way to adjust is to spend billions (public) on restoring the truth rather than inciting propaganda“.

Polgar also expressed his opinion on the newly introduced school’s police. “The hysteria aroused by the political elite after the ruling and the subsequent legislative and governmental response to the ruling showed no mercy. Nor is it clear that promoting integration and democratizing education (which is nothing more than creating opportunities rather than centuries of apartheid) can bring this out. Instead, (precisely because the more nuanced people are aware of where the opportunity to save for society as a whole will lead), instead of democratizing, authority, citing and arbitrarily representing the general will, favors the education of (non-elite) (unskilled) children. , stumbles, who knows with any feelings/bias) cops as teachers (trained, dedicated and well paid). It is said that the gendarme should be placed next to the bag of a “hereditary” gypsy, who already sucked the desire to auction breast milk to the teacher, and thus was already sentenced to slavery (sorry, public works).“He says.

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The author also writes about the broader perspective of the question:

I still hope that the ruling elite will only seek the grace of the most perverted and stupidest racists, and babbles with the poisoning of the soul, (r) the absurd riches of Christianity, when it speaks in favor of the terrible, anti-human and harmful separation that affects all our fellow citizens.“- Writes.

I would really be happy for education practitioners to lead by example, and identify alternative ways to give hundreds of thousands of excluded people a chance to learn. What is to be spent in the education budget at the will of our taxpayers, our tax fort. If the children present the opportunity, we can already be sure that our investment will pay off.

I want to reinforce this shared thinking, introduce current good practices, and expand their impact with the show. I entrust the preparation of its use of opportunities to Civic Foundation employees, and I am asking anyone who wants to join to contact them. If a plan funded by other donors of a similar scale is created, the first program could start in 2021– He explains his idea to the citizen at the end of the article.

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