András Lengyel collects clouds

András Lengyel, the leading figure of the second generation of the neo-Hungarian avant-garde, reviews his career Ludwig Museum The new exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art …it’s all in the cloud… It can be seen from Friday.

András Lengyel has been “gathering in the clouds” since the beginning of the 1970s, and meditation has become a fundamental attitude in his perception of life and work. With the help of the gallery, you can follow the process during which emerging works from Fluxus and postmodern conceptual art were completed through work, reproduced photo-based graphics, postal art and painting, said curator Krisztina Üveges at the gallery’s press launch on Wednesday.

András Lengyel’s career began as a founding member of the second generation of the new Hungarian avant-garde, Rózsa-kör, which played a major role in the fine arts of the 1970s. He began his studies at the College of Fine Arts, majoring in painting, then continued his studies in the graphic department from his third year.

He founded his fictional cloud museum in 1982. The curator noted that in his most important forms – such as the cloud, the triangle and the book – his interest in science and his openness to the supernatural and esoteric are linked.

During his career these motifs migrated into the realm of reproduction paintings, then found their place in pictures, works or as part of installations, only to appear again in paintings in a later period.

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According to Krisztina Üveges, András Lengyel’s artwork conveys, in its playful and subtle way, that everything can be art, even a piece of tile and a neon tube, as long as it helps the viewer to meditate and immerse themselves.

As he added, the panel monument, the planet paintings, the kaleidoscope of the skull, the podopax shirt, the press cloud, the galaxy flag, the bookshelf images and all the other works of András Lengyel encourage the visitor to perceive the phenomena of nature and the world as a single entity.

The exhibition … Everything in the Cloud … can be seen from Friday until May 28 on the first floor of the Ludwig Museum.

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