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András Lénárd, owner of Csíki Sör, is engaged to fashion presenter Rebeka Kárpáti, who is 17 years his junior.

András Lénárd, owner of Csíki Sör, is engaged to fashion presenter Rebeka Kárpáti, who is 17 years his junior.

Beauty queen Rebecca Karpati and Andras Lennard, owner of Tiltott Csíki Sör, met in July 2023. According to the press, the owner of Tiltott Csíki Sör proposed to the model, 17 years his junior, with a huge diamond ring during the holidays.

Regarding Rebekah Karpati, it came out in the summer that she was in a relationship with a billionaire who was none other than András Lenard. Since their relationship became public, they have not commented on their private lives, however eyelash According to their friends, the engagement was already in the air.

Lénárd became widely known as the owner of the Csíkszentsimons brewery, which produces Tiltott Csíki beer, after his brewery's lawsuit with Heineken reached the international press. In 2017, he reached a settlement with the large giant company, and they reached a consensus in the trademark dispute and conflict, and as a result The New York Times also reported.

Then it turned out that the tax forint was going to the owner András Lenard, who also holds a Hungarian diplomatic passport: Invitations for tenders issued under the Sikelevold economic development program included two companies classified as winning, which could be linked to companies previously located in the United States. For a businessman wanted for smuggling girls. Lenard built a chip factory and a malt processing plant next to the brewery, receiving support from the Hungarian government totaling €25 million.

The brewery later caused a scandal with Tiltott Csíki Sör's “Don't Rush” challenge, when he was with his female employees. He posted a promotional video on his page on the social networking sitewhose sexual content is A Trans index And the female Its authors also objected. Andras Lenard A Trans index He did not argue with those raised in his opinion piece, however In his video Article criticizing content based on arguments has been labeled offensive and fake news. Later, because Transindex editors did not like Csíki's chip, the chip manufacturer responded Send the bear shit To the editors of Transindex, but also to the president of the Hargita County Council Csaba Borboly, whom András Lénárd challenged to a debate. Hopefully, if Laggy happens, the menu won't consist of sock-flavored chips and teddy bears.

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Lennard employs hundreds of people in Sikelevold, and his interests include numerous energy facilities, agricultural, real estate, construction and tourism investments. He is also the owner of the largest rabbit farm in Romania. In 2016, he bought an old rabbit farm in the Malnas settlement in Sekkelevöld, and successfully operates it.

More recently, he has also been oriented towards technology investments, as his company Spider Drone Security broke the world record for flying a drone (drone) in Csíkszentsimon on October 30, 2015. In 2016, at the suggestion of Google and the Financial Times, the company was listed on New Europe 100 list.

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